For over 20 years Ken Schultz, "The Flying Fool", has been dazzling audiences across the United States & Canada. Ken's show is time tested, clean & has positive fun that will not offend, but rather bring the best out of any group. Ken uses a symphony of juggling, physical comedy, humor and improvisation. The real magic of Ken's show is his use of audience participation where he lets the audience become part of the show, guiding them through a ridiculous adventure. Ken amazes people with stunts of fire-eating, bowling ball juggling, and balancing an 8 ft. table on his chin. The comic freshness of Ken's character and improvisation keeps the audience laughing and smiling throughout the show. Your organization will have something to talk about for days after one of Ken's performances. Ken Schultz, "The Flying Fool", is dedicated to making you look good at your next event


The Chicago Juggler Ken Schultz "The Flyingfool"
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